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The best machine made silk carpet

31 Dec 2023

Machine made silk carpet is a beautiful manifestation of Iranian art that can create a special and extraordinary feeling in you. People who know the value of art, realize that the carpet is not just a floor covering, but an artistic masterpiece that has a rich history of culture and civilization of Iran for thousands of years.

Machine made silk carpet is one of the most attractive machine made carpet products, which shows the progress of the machine made carpet industry in recent decades. By using the most up-to-date technologies, we have seen an increase in the quality of all types of machine-made carpets. The production of hand-woven carpets can be considered as the peak of this development. Farsh Mohtsham Company is the first group in Iran that uses the technology of hand-woven carpet production. These carpets are woven with the best polyogen fibers, but their elegance, beauty, softness and softness are very similar to silk carpets. Silk machine carpet is one of the latest products of the carpet industry, which is welcomed by many people.

The machine silk carpet has different designs and colors, this unique variety is due to the high density of these products, which gives it a unique elegance. This is the reason why the machine silk carpet is very similar to the handwoven carpet. In this article from Farsh Mohtsham site, we are going to talk about the best machine made silk carpet. So stay with us until the end of this article.

Silk machine carpet
In the 1980s, polyester yarn entered Iran's machine carpet industry as a new material and took the place of viscose yarn, which was known as silk flower carpet. Of course, the viscose thread was only used in small parts of the carpet that needed to be more shiny. This work was derived from the hand-woven carpet of silk flowers. In this type of carpet, all the thread of the carpet was made of wool, and silk thread was used only for the texture of the flower of the carpet.

This made the flowers of the carpet look more impressive than other parts of the carpet. At that time, the car carpet in which viscose thread was used was also called silk flower. They also called viscose thread (artificial silk thread).

Features of the best silk machine carpet
Production of machine silk carpet today has undergone many changes compared to before and the products are launched in the market with very high quality. The use of the best carpet weaving machines with the highest technology is the most outstanding feature of machine silk carpet.

Silk thread, whether natural or artificial, cannot be compared to other carpets because of the beautiful effect it gives to the carpet. Silk is a magical fiber that is incredibly thin yet strong. Silk carpet has unique and special softness and very high durability, this also makes it one of the export goods. Silks are still among the most expensive threads. Natural silk is one of the most expensive fibers and at the same time the most durable thread available in the market. But artificial silk used in machine carpet is also very beautiful and attractive. Carpets that use artificial silk in its texture are shiny and shiny like natural silk. Such products are included in the luxury carpet collection, and most of the special luxury customers go to them.

But the question is, on what basis is the quality of machine silk carpet evaluated?

Carpet thread material
Fibers are definitely the most important feature of any carpet. Large companies producing machine-made carpets, such as Farsh Mohtsham, use natural and synthetic fibers such as viscose and bamboo to weave machine-made silk carpets. For this reason, buyers are relieved of the raw materials used in the carpet. Viscose fiber has a natural origin and is made from tree timber, sugarcane bagasse, rice and wheat straw, and is converted into fibers during certain stages.

Density of machine carpet
Texture density is one of the things that should be paid special attention to in carpet production. The greater the density and comb of the carpet, the more similar the carpet looks to a hand-woven carpet. This also increases the quality of the carpet. The machine carpet is woven in different combs, the most common of which are: 700 comb carpet, 1200 comb carpet and 1500 comb carpet. Also, density 2550, 3600 and 4500 are among the most common densities in machine carpet production.

The latest machine silk carpet

Silk carpet color
Naturally, the color is very important like the other mentioned factors. Colors are important for two reasons; The first thing is the harmony in the colors of the carpet, which should fit well with your home environment and decoration. The second thing is the type of color used in the carpet. Carpet companies should consider these two aspects when designing a carpet map.

Machine carpet design
Another important point is the design of the carpet. Today, we see a lot of variety in machine carpet designs, which has made it possible for you to choose your favorite carpet with any taste. Also, if the house has different decorations, you can use classic carpet, old-fashioned carpet, Rochak carpet, modern carpet, original carpet, traditional carpet and forty-piece carpet.

Also, you can read the article (key points to consider when buying a machine-made carpet) before buying the best machine-made silk carpet.

Advantages of machine silk carpet

Anti-allergy and lint:
Almost one of the biggest problems in the textile industry from the past until now has been lint, which has caused sensitivity in children and various people who have respiratory and skin diseases. Of course, Farsh Mohtsham company has completely removed the lint from the carpet by using the latest and most up-to-date weaving machines in the world.


We all know silk because of its shine and the look it gives to the carpet. This point adds to the attractiveness of the machine carpet and gives a special effect to your decoration.

Buying a silk machine carpet
The machine silk carpet has a higher price than the normal machine carpet. For this reason, the purchase of such products is not done by ordinary people, and even more of these products are exported to foreign countries. But if you intend to buy a machine made silk carpet, just visit Farsh Mohtsham site. Farsh Mohtsham Company uses the technology of producing hand-woven carpets and produces exquisite carpets and silks with the highest quality polyogen and viscose fibers that have stunning elegance and beauty. Carpets that are very close to silk carpets and have amazing beauty.

Buying hand-woven carpets
Machine made silk carpet is one of the most luxurious components of home decoration that can give unique beauty to your home. Machine made silk carpet has a better price than hand woven silk carpet, so it can be a good option for you. Note that Farsh Mohtsham Company unveiled a machine-made carpet with natural fibers for the first time at Demotex Turkey 2022 and was able to attract the attention of various people. For this reason, if you are looking for the best machine made silk carpet, you can buy it with the closest fibers to silk and the most similar design from Farsh Mohtsham.