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What is Colaris carpet?

What is Colaris carpet?

Colaris carpet is the latest technology in the production of machine woven carpet that its production is simultaneous and concurrent and has the ability to produce a variety of designs and colors in different sizes and there is no limit to this.

The Colaris carpet was first unveiled in the world in 2018 by the Mohtasham carpet company at the International Turkish Fair and in the city of Gaziantep. After the unveiling of this global product, many visitors of this product considered it as a phenomenon in products of 2018 that would be a unique choice in the machine woven carpet industry in the world.

Colaris Carpet; New generation’s carpet for new and special tastes

There are thousands of different tastes in the world and the machine woven carpet is very powerful in responding to these tastes. This power and ability of the new generation is very evident in the Colaris carpet. Colaris carpet has recently been released to the market with a variety of designs including Children, Fantasy, Vintage and Traditional forms that can be easily approved by people with special and meticulous tastes.

Colaris carpet features

This new product is a 700-reed and 2550 density, which is a positive factor for the new generation of carpets because its low reed level plays an important role in the thickness of the carpet and it is possible to ensure that it is durable and applicable in crowded spaces.

The features of this machine woven carpet are as follows:

  • Soft and tender
  • Anti-allergic
  • No pilling
  • Strength
  • Resistance to most chemicals
  • Very high texture quality
  • Resistant to folding
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Easy washing
  • Resistance to elongation and contraction
  • Fast carpet drying
  • Good formability with heat and ironing

The Colaris carpet is softer than the machine woven carpet due to its polyester material and forms easily due to the material used in it.

Colaris is a worldwide product that is produced simultaneously and concurrently and it is possible to produce it in various designs and colors in different sizes.

Take your desired image home with Colaris carpet

Easily view your desired image on the Colaris carpet. You can order your desired image to insert it onto the carpet to the manufacturer and use it in different sizes and as a pictorial carpet
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